Bringing consciousness into every stage of your aging journey.  



Nousha has extensively studied in both Eastern and Western practices of medicine and integrates both into her work.


Reiki Facials & Cosmetic Treatments

Facials that combine the restorative power of the earth’s natural ingredients with energy healing reiki to full service cosmetic injections that are tailored to your individual needs. 



Nousha’s Philosophy 

Nousha’s philosophy, has always centered on a non-invasive, holistic approach to aesthetic rejuvenation and conscious aging. She does not desire to erase the past, but instead she looks to enhance the life once lived, focusing on prevention and conscious restoration. It’s this philosophy that has enabled her to successfully treat hormonal, environmental, and age-related skin problems, that not too long ago, required much more invasive procedures, and/or synthetic oral medications. All of Nousha’s rejuvenations are brought to life by stimulating one’s own collagen to repair the skin and restore the desired features of the human anatomy. By synchronizing your energetic state of being, Nousha gradually restores the structural integrity of the entire face. 


Based in Los Angeles and New York City.

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