Elevating Skincare to Artistry

Facial Rejuvenation Artist and Registered Nurse Nousha Salimi isn’t just a name in the skincare industry; she is its gold standard. From Malibu, Beverly Hills, the Upper East Side, and the far corners of the globe, the world’s most discerning individuals who accept nothing but the best have sought her expertise.


For over a decade, Nousha has not merely provided treatments; she has forged bonds of trust, understanding, and confidentiality with titans from fashion, finance, society, and art. These aren’t mere interactions but sacred trusts, hallmarks of her commitment to excellence. Collaborating with industry visionaries, she’s honed a philosophy that merges art and micro-precision, establishing her as the unparalleled virtuoso in skincare.

Invisible Mastery in Injectables

Nousha truly distinguishes herself in her mastery of cosmetic injectables. Renowned for her understated approach, she’s perfected the art of various techniques, ensuring outcomes that look and feel incredibly natural.

Her unique magic touch has created an overwhelming demand that she has had a closed clientele roster for the past two years.

A Philosophy of Graceful Aging

Nousha’s approach is a confluence of innovative science and holistic wellness. It’s not just about immediate results—it’s about designing a graceful, seamless, and empowering course for aging.

Recognized leader in aesthetics

Her transformative work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The pages of prestigious magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair resonate with tales of her expertise, situating Nousha Salimi as a beacon of excellence in the beauty industry.

Her extensive accolades, echoing from coast to coast, vouch for the unwavering quality and efficacy she brings to the table.

Rejuvenate With Nousha

Monday till Friday 10 to 6 EST