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People are raving about the RESET Oil! Have you tried it yet?

  • New Beauty Magazine

    "The facial Nurse Nousha gave Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, and Jasmine Tooke the night before the Met Gala!"

  • New Beauty Magazine

    “A beautiful oil that I’m obsessed with and I feel like everyone should try it. It’s packed with CBD, arnica, bromelain and rose."

    – Hilary Duff

  • Into The Gloss

    "The Reset—oh my god. It’s incredible. I use it on my body if there’s any mosquito bites, because there’s a lot of healing properties in it, so if I have any mosquito bites or a small cut or something, I put it everywhere."
    – Kate Lowes

  • The Glow Girl

    "This unique and powerful face oil was created by Nousha Salimi, my incredible nurse practitioner (my face angel). It’s a great one to use after getting injectables because it contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like arnica and CBD plus it keeps skin super moisturized and glowy."

  • People

    Sofia Richie and Miranda Kerr's Skincare Pro Just Launched a New Skin-Loving Oil! The oil is made with 10 key ingredients, including coconut oil, vitamins C and E, tea tree oil and more, that all come together to support skin health.

  • The Quality Edit

    While Nurse Nousha isn’t a traditional facialist per se, her hands have touched the skin of women like Miranda Kerr and Sofia Richie. As a registered nurse, celebrity skin expert and facial rejuvenation artist, she set out to create the ultimate all-natural facial oil for clients – and is now available to everyone. Infused with Vitamin C, Arnica, Rose Oil and MCT Oil, it will nourish, balance and reset complexions to their healthiest state.